Online Psychology and Sociology Courses

PSY 101:  General Psychology

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course serves as a broad introduction to the field of contemporary psychology, which is explored as a science, a profession, and a means of promoting human welfare. Students are exposed to psychology as both a natural and social science through reading assignments, lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Writing assignments reflecting critical thinking are required.

PSY 220:  Human Growth and Development

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course provides an overview of the major theories, developmental stages and current research in the area of human development. Emphasis is placed on the interplay of genetic and environmental factors that influence the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of individuals throughout the lifespan.

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PSY 230:  Abnormal Psychology

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: The focus of this course is on the scientific study of abnormal behavior, with emphasis on diagnosis, cause and treatment. Major categories of psychopathology are examined from competing theoretical paradigms and relevant research findings are reviewed to elucidate controversial topics in the field.

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PSY 330:  Health Psychology

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course is an overview of the rapidly developing field of health psychology, which applies empirically-based psychological principles to healthcare, in medical, exercise, work, and hospital settings. Consideration is given to individuals as well as institutions seeking to promote stress management, healthy lifestyle choices, and wellness. Readings and class activities engage students and supplement course material. Topics include healthcare ethics, cultural factors, coping, injury and treatment, pain management, and preventive interventions.

Prerequisite: PSY 101 or 220

SOC 100:  Experiential Learning: Community Service

Credit: 1-2 credit hours

Course Description: Volunteer experience appropriate to the student’s interest at an approved site under the supervision of a field supervisor and monitored by a faculty member. Credit may apply toward the 128-credit degree total, but does not satisfy credits toward major, minor, or general education requirements. Department permission and coordination with the faculty experiential learning coordinator is required. May enroll for one or two credits. Enhancement courses, such as SOC 100, may be repeated for credit, with a maximum of 12 credits earned toward a bachelor degree or six credits toward an associate degree. This course is open to all students. Graded S/U.

SOC 101:  Introduction to Sociology

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Introduction to the foundations of a science of society, evolution of social theory, group processes, the resulting social institutions and their effects on social behavior.

SOC 325:  Social Class, Power, and Inequality

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course examines class, status, and power relations in society as they relate to social mobility, work, globalization, and social change.

SOC 377:  Global Health Issues and Interventions

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course is intended to provide global studies students a comprehensive examination of numerous health and illness topics within the context of social, cultural, political, and economic arenas. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge that would assist them in understanding and addressing the health needs of various communities around the world.

Prerequisite: SOC 101

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