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COM 101: Public Speaking

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Rhetoric is the art of persuasion and public speaking is the paradigmatic rhetorical act. Practicing the fundamentals of speech construction and delivery, students will cultivate rhetorical awareness – the critical sensibilities required to read a particular situation and craft a strategic response. This course equips students with effective communication skills for academic achievement, professional success, and civic engagement.

ECN 200: Introductory Economics

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: A one-semester introduction to the major principles and issues in economics for students who are not majoring in accounting, business administration, economics, finance, management, marketing, or minoring in economics. The course surveys both micro and macroeconomic issues.

HIS 102: History of the Modern World

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Study of the increasing contacts and interdependence of civilizations, 1500 to the present; the rise of the West, European reconnaissance and expansion, imperialism and decolonization, religion, science, and technology.

MAT 095: Intermediate Algebra

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Designed for students needing a mathematics course to assist them in their major area of study, such as health science. Topics selected include linear equations, graphing, proportion and variation applications, use of exponents.

PHL 130: Human Nature and Person

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course addresses what it is to be human and what it means to be a human person. Particular emphasis is given to exploring these themes within the Western and specifically Catholic philosophical tradition in dialogue with other, and sometimes competing, positions.

PSY 205: Statistical Methods

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Basic concepts, uses, and methods of statistical computation, including descriptive statistics, correlation, probability, estimation, sampling, design, hypothesis testing, t-tests, ANOVAs, and Chi square are presented. This is a computational and interpretational statistics course designed to prepare students for upper division/graduate courses in research, data evaluation, and analytical reasoning. Use of computer software facilitates learning. Fee required. This course partially satisfies the general education requirement in the scientific and quantitative understanding category.

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SPA 101: Introduction to Spanish

Credit: 4 credit hours

Course Description: Introductory study of the Spanish language with emphasis on building adequate vocabulary and sense of structure to carry out routine tasks and engage in simple conversation. The course is designed to help the student ask and answer questions about familiar topics and handle basic social situations, write simple sentences, learn about aspects of everyday culture in Spain and Latin America. This course 239 partially satisfies the general education curriculum standards for the development of humanistic and artistic knowledge. This course is conducted in Spanish.

THL 105: Introduction to Theology

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Study of the meaning and nature of theology, theological issues of God, human persons, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and an introduction to Scriptures, liturgy, sacraments and Christian morality.

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THL 216: Moral Issues

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: A study of moral theology in relationship to current moral issues with a particular emphasis on the dignity of the human person, conscience formation, and the struggle to live authentically in our culture. Moral issues concentrate on a consistent ethic of life encompassing the personal, social, economic, and ecological dimensions.

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