English and Humanities

artistoles likeness in stone

ENG 112: Writing and Community

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Students use writing to think critically and creatively about human experience as represented in literary, scholarly, and culturally-relevant texts, as well as in their own experiences. Instruction emphasizes drafting, reading, and research strategies expected of college-level writers. Multiple assignments require revision processes to refine thinking and expression, to navigate genre expectations, and to reflect the habits and conventions of discourse communities, academic and others.

ENG 213: Literature: The Short Story

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course provides instruction in analyzing, discussing, and writing about modern short stories. The course explores styles and themes of contemporary short fiction written cultural perspectives, including American, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Europeant.

ENG 239: Professional Writing

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Theory and practice of writing common professional forms such as sales materials, abstracts, memos, application letters, and resumés. Emphasis is placed on writing proposals and reports, and on understanding, in general, the persuasive element in most professional writing.

HUM 210: The Search for Meaning Through Culture

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: A consideration of the particular kind of knowledge which the literature, art and music of Western civilization have to offer; a study of artists’ expressions of human experience. HUM-210 explores human creativity from prehistory to our world today and the search for answers to the enduring questions of existence.