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ART 139: Art Appreciation

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course considers world art, for appreciative and aesthetic purposes, from ancient times to the present. The sequence of study examines works of art as cohesive units in architecture, sculpture, painting, and craft.

ENG 101: English Composition

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: In this course writing is promoted as a process of developing and shaping a text for an audience and a purpose. Students will develop and practice inventing, revising, and editing strategies through multiple drafting assignments. Students can expect a high level of instructor feedback through written responses and/or conferences.

ENG 213: Literature: The Short Story

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course provides instruction in analyzing, discussing, and writing about modern short stories. The course explores styles and themes of contemporary short fiction written from a variety of Western and non-Western cultural perspectives, including American, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European. Fulfills the cross cultural general education requirement.

Prerequisite: ENG 101

ENG 239: Professional Writing

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Theory and practice of writing common professional forms such as sales materials, abstracts, memos, application letters, and resumes. Emphasis is placed on writing proposals and reports, and on understanding in general, the persuasive element in most professional writing.

Prerequisite: ENG 101

HIS 102: History of the Modern World

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Study of the increasing contacts and interdependence of civilization from 1500 to the present; the rise of the West, European reconnaissance and expansion, imperialism and decolonization, religion, science, and technology.

MUS 127: Appreciation of Music

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: Study of the elements and principles of music necessary for intelligent listening and appreciation. Surveys the chief developments of music history, the works of master composers, folk music and trends in contemporary music.

PHL 130: Human Nature and Person

Credit: 3 credit hours

Course Description: This course addresses what it is to be human and what it means to be a human person. Particular emphasis is given to exploring these themes within the Western, and specifically Catholic philosophical tradition in dialogue with other, and sometimes competing, positions.

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