Available Online Courses

We have the high-quality online courses you need! The following prerequisite courses are offered in an accelerated five or eight week format. These courses are geared to students pursuing a second degree, nursing program, Health and Human Services degree completion from Marian University, or another health care career path.

If you would like to speak to a MAP advisor regarding any of these courses, you can contact us at (317) 955-6773.


General and Biological Chemistry
General and Biological Chem Lab
Human Anatomy
Intro to Environmental Science
General Human Physiology

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Psychology & Sociology

General Psychology
Health Psychology
Experiential Learning
Human Growth and Development
Abnormal Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Social Class, Power, and Inequality
Global Health Issues

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Principles of Management
Creativity and Change

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Art Appreciation
English Composition
Literature: The Short Story
Professional Writing
History of the Modern World
Appreciation of Music
Human Nature and Person

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Health & Human Services

Introduction to Human Services and Social Problems
Health and Human Services Capstone: Experiential and Service Learning

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General Education

Public Speaking
Introductory Economics
Intermediate Algebra
Interprofessional Communications
Introduction to Theology
Moral Issues
Statistical Methods

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